"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." - Buddha

The fundamental nature of Life Coaching is to help with planning for your future. We encourage dreaming big — followed by setting goals and attaining success with ACTION!

Would you benefit from a Life Coach?

Many people reach out to a Life Coach for support in navigating a major life change, such as switching careers. People also turn to Life Coaches simply for help in building a happier, more meaningful life.

There are several signs that a Life Coach could add value to your life. These signs include:

  • Frequent irritability

  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety

  • Inability to break bad habits

  • Lack of satisfaction in your social life

  • Persistent feeling of dissatisfaction at work


In recent years, Life Coaches have gained a significant poise in the mainstream. An increasing number of executives and entrepreneurs are now adding a Life Coach to their speed dial in order to achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

Types of LightHouse Life Coaches

  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Dating and relationship coaching

  • Divorce coaching

  • Health and wellness coaching

  • Life skills coaching

What a LightHouse Life Coach can do for you:

One of the key benefits of working with a Life Coach is the power to gain a new, informed perspective on problems you face. In addition to offering a new vision, a Life Coach can help you to see the negative patterns that could be standing in the way of your success.

The following are some of the positive outcomes that could result from working with one of our Life Coaches:

  • Better work/life balance

  • Elimination of long-held fears and anxieties

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Greater financial security

  • Improved communication skills

  • More satisfying work/social life

  • Stronger relationships with friends and family

Since sessions usually take place on a regular basis over extended periods, our Life Coaches can ensure that you are executing what is necessary to experience meaningful change.

For a great number of clients, accountability is one of the prime advantages of working with a Life Coach.

Along with providing the support and motivation essential for maintaining momentum, our coaches can observe when you are stuck or need to adjust your goals. As a result, our clients often achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently than they would when working on their own.

Finding a Coach that fits your needs:

It is important to us that you find the best coach for you. Before you see one of coaches, there are a few things to consider:

Results are not immediate. Our Life Coaches can help you plan, address challenges, and work toward achieving your goals, but it is important to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Life coaching is a personal journey and commitment. It is a set of goals, both short and long, that involve actions and accountability.

We want you to feel that your coach is a fit for you. In our commitment to ensure that happens, we would like to welcome you to a free 15-minute consultation. Not all coaches use the same approach, so the professional relationship you build with your coach will be important. Your free consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your needs, and for you to determine if you and the coach have a matched approach to solving problems.

While some of our Life Coaches are counsellors, life coaching does not address mental health issues. If you are experiencing signs of a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, let your life coach know. A treatment plan can be made to help address these challenges with one of counsellors, or you can see your doctor to discuss other treatment options.

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