Our primary commitment is to provide you with quality counselling services. However, no counsellor can guarantee that services will be effective for you. This statement is intended to convey pertinent information regarding our services, allowing you to make choices that best suit your needs.  Attending counselling services is voluntary.  At the end of this document, you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand all our policies.  Furthermore, by signing, you agree that you are attending counselling voluntarily and are not being coerced into doing so.

1. Therapeutic Interventions


There are some risks associated with counselling. As you explore aspects of your life, there may

be unpredictable results, which lead to painful memories, and/or uncomfortable emotions. A counsellor’s goal is to provide you with the tools to help manage these emotions. All interventions will be explained to you. No intervention will involve physical touch. You also have the right to refuse any intervention that is underway simply by sharing that with your counsellor.

2. Scheduling, cancellations, and missed appointments


Our agency hour equals 60 minutes of session time. Additional time will be dedicated at the end of that hour for completing client progress notes. Please ensure that you arrive on time for your session. Your 60-minute session begins at the scheduled time. Session times will not be extended to accommodate late arrivals.

Longer sessions are available, but this must be arranged in advance with your counsellor. Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If 48 hours’ notice is not given, you will be required to pay a $50.00 cancellation fee for the missed session before booking again. It is best to contact your counsellor directly via phone/text or email for last-minute appointment changes. Should you miss your appointment and neglect to notify your counsellor, you will be responsible for the full session fee, which will be charged to the credit card on your client portal.

3. Fees

  • Individual Counselling/Intake $95.00/hr

  • Child and Youth $70.00/hr

  • Family and Couple Therapy $120.00/hr

  • Group Therapy $30 - $80.00/hr depending on size of group

  • Reports/Letters - $120.00/hr

  • Cancellations (Less than 48 hours’ notice) - $50.00/hr

  • Missed Appointment (No call, No show) - Full session fee

  • Witness Testimony (half day: 4 hours) - $500.00

  • Witness Testimony (full day: 8 hours) - $1100.00

  • Copy of Client File for Educational/Medical Supports - $40/hr admin fee + .30 per page

  • Copy of Client File for Legal Purposes - $70/hr admin fee + .30 per page

  • Payments can be made via cash, Visa/Mastercard or e-transfer BEFORE each session

4. Record Keeping


Confidential progress notes are kept for all sessions. Records are stored and maintained electronically via a secure platform. All consent forms are also kept and stored electronically via a secure platform.

Should you wish to access your files, you may do so by completing a formal request to your counsellor. If two or more individuals attend a counselling session/s, written records of the session/s may not be released to any parties unless each individual who attended gives written consent. Records are maintained for 7 years.

5. Satisfaction with Services


Our agency is committed to ensuring the best possible care to those we support. At times, you may be asked to complete an anonymous feedback form to ensure that you are happy with the support you receive. Your participation in this survey is optional and your responses are confidential.

6. Confidentiality


All information shared during a counselling session is confidential; will remain within our agency; and it cannot be disclosed to a third party without your written consent, except in the following potential cases:

a) Imminent danger to yourself or others

b) Suspicion of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person such as a child, an elder, or an adult who has

been deemed by the courts as "not capable" of making decisions on their own behalf (court paper

will be required)

c) Court subpoena

d) Defending a malpractice suit

e) Collecting unpaid fees