Let's be real.

Who has bad days? I sure as heck do!

Days when I just want to go back to bed, and hope that when I wake up, my day will have started over on a positive note. LMFO! Does that happen by chance?? Nope! It happens by choice.

Today is one of those days for me, and since we are being real... there is ZERO reason for me to feel negative today.  Kid was great! Got lots of sleep! It's raining, but Meh, no big deal.

My thoughts... 

I'm going to drive the kid to school, come home and go right back to bed

*sigh* okay, no I'm not.  Instead, I posted a heart felt, down to earth post on my feed, made a tea (actually a couple) and sat down to write this blog. My brain is mush, I am fueled on caffeine, but I am not in bed! Monday win #1 for this woman! What IF I told you that I was the most positive person I know? How do you feel about that? Does that make you feel odd, hearing that someone looks at themselves as the MOST positive person they know?

Pretentious? Nope.

I actually possess this talent! What is positivity?

The dictionary defines it as "the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude"

Being positive is an action that you choose to do each minute of each day.  ACTION is the key! 

How do you do this?  Great question!!

In the great words of Rachel Hollis...


We are not born with negative or positive feelings.  These are learned behaviours, taught by parents, relatives, friends, society, can fill in the blank with any excuse of your choosing.

Let's continue to be real... you look at these people, yep, the ones who taught you all this negativity and are completely dumb-founded how they have made it this far in life. However, YOU continue to mimic their behaviours. Why? Because you make the choice to do so.

Do something with me...

Think back on your last 24 hours?  Now write down 5 things that you are grateful for that has happened during that time. Not 2 week ago, or 2 months ago.  24 HOURS. 

I'll wait........🎵🎵🎵

Look at your list and remember all the reasons you feel grateful for them.

🌞Starting line: DO THIS EVERYDAY!

🌙Finish line:  Personal growth never ends💓. Just like the sun and the moon, they move and brighten the other side of the world for a period of time, but they always rise again. Looking on the "bright side" is not an easy task, especially when life throws watermelons at your head.  However, those watermelons DO NOT have to hit you and explode! Pick your battles friends, and I'm talking about the ones you have with yourself. There will always be people in the world who shame, blame and judge.  WHO CARES!!!!!  Their opinions do not define you unless you let it.  Let me repeat that... Their opinions DO NOT define you, UNLESS YOU LET IT!   Listen, I get it.  👉The other mom at school has a husband who has a great job, she gets to stay home, drives an AMAZING car, and all her children play travel hockey (ugh.. I don't miss hockey days) all the while posting her selfies from the gym or the spa mid day for all to see.  She is snooty, and rude and always has gossip to share about other women who "have to work". 👉What about the mama on Facebook (you know, that one you don't really know, but feels like she has the right to offer unsolicited parenting advise), who posts how incredible her life is, and all her pics are happy children camping in the bush, or vacationing with the palm trees with her 5 children.

Reality ✅ Camping with children is NOT FUN!!!! Putting up a tent, while your 1 year old is running off. Trying to cook lunch while your 3 year old heads to the light fire you have blazing (let's be honest, the light fire is amazing to look at). OR walking (I should say running) 10 minutes to the closest washroom before your 4 year old poos in his pants...  That my friends...not fun! But don't forget to stop for that family📸 (so everyone on social media thinks we're having a blast)🤣 Well I did start by saying "let's be real" right?  Other people live similar lives as us.  Some people are kind and humble, while others are rude and..well, stuck up.  Be the kind and humble type. Know you're worth, but acknowledge the worth of others as well.  Dude! I could never be a stay at home mom!  That is not me.  But man do I freely handout kudos to all the stay at home mamas out there.  Their job is hard, and quite frankly, thankless most days.   To all the women who have the ability to stay home (with or without kids) YOU ARE AMAZING! To all the women who work 2 jobs, have a family and make it all run smoothly (most of the time) YOU ROCK! To all the women on the planet, who wake up everyday to be the best human they can be... YOU ARE MY HEROS!

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