You are Judgmental

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In my community, there have been many people who have successfully ended their own lives. Young people, who felt their struggles were so deep, that they had no other choice. Let that sink in…

On social media, I have read abundance of posts judging those who have made this choice. JUDGEMENT! That is what this blog about.

It’s easy to look at a screaming child in Walmart and say to yourself “that mother needs to control her child”. Look at that mother! You can see in her eyes that she is exhausted. Whether you are a parent or not, walk up that mama and let her know that she is doing great! Let her know that you see her, understand, and that her child’s behaviour does not reflect on her. Praise her for letting the kid cry, rather than caving and buying the toy/candy that will CLEARLY ruin their life if they don’t get it.

The homeless that panhandle at the end of almost every off ramp… LOOK AT THEM! Looking straight ahead, and not acknowledging them does not make them invisible; judgement sets in and tells you that they have a choice. You do not have to give them money. Open your window, say hello, wish them a great day. You don’t know their story.

Our mental health system…workers who look angry, apathetic, slow and uninterested. Talk to them. They are burned out. Exhausted. Work more hours in a week, then I do in 2. They struggle with the medical bureaucracy, the lack of staff, and the lack of community mental health supports. Judgement… “What the heck is wrong with them?” Let them know that what they do is valued. Without front line workers, there would be ZERO services.

We are all so quick to judge others. Point a finger at their struggles, meanwhile, ask yourself.. are you perfect? Your answer better be NO, or we should have tea because I’d love to know the secret to your perfection. Pointing 1 finger at someone else, in turn, points 3 finger back to yourself. Try it! Point your finger and think about that impact.

Society has created unrealistic ideologies that we try to follow like scripture. The idea that we all need to go to school, get a job, buy a house, have 2.5 children (because repopulating the planet should be our goal in life) and work until we retire.

Open your eyes! Many of us DO NOT fit into this neat LITTLE box. Our goals may not include, working 9 to 5, having 2.5 children, or even having children at all. I often hear how I should buy a house. “You have children. They deserve to have a backyard to play in. Their own room. More space” and so on. “It’s the biggest INVESTMENT of your life”


Who’s going to clean that space? Who’s going to pay for the broken furnace, leaky roof or flood in the basement? The kids? LOL

Biggest investment?

Look again people who judge, it’s your biggest liability! If you feel that financial education would benefit you, email me; let’s chat.

In my mind, MY kids deserve a roof over their head, food in their bellies and parents who are not worked to exhaustion. I deserve to live in the dwelling of my choosing! A.K.A somewhere I am not required to shovel snow.

And you know what? This is okay! We no longer have to fit into the box. The only part of life that needs to be followed are laws (and if you look hard enough, you can find loop holes in those too).

I, of course recommend finishing high school (as a minimum), but after that, there are many other ways to learn.

Your sexual orientation does not have to be the topic of argument any longer. You are free to love.

Self-care is not being selfish. It is a life requirement.

We no longer have to mentally struggle to meet someone else's idea of what OUR life SHOULD be.

Ask yourself this; what do I WANT for my life? and HOW do i get there?

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